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Quartic Smile

SKILLS:Prototyping,Research,User-centered design,Unity programming,

Interactive Installation                                                                                                                                                             2015-2016


Public displays are used widely in common life, which would can beautify the surroundings meanwhile convey the information to passers-by. However, public displays as a part of the community tend to play a more significant role in our life. We found that although living in a community for a long time, most people rarely have all-round knowing and understanding of the culture and landscapes of their own community. In addition, it is hard for people to have the opportunity or the courage to social with strangers who are in the same community. To solve this problem, we address the solution of enhancing interaction and socializing with bilateral communication of multi-Site public displays, including two connected installations in different places, a framework with four interaction states, and different interaction contents controlled by users’ motion and facial expression. We hope these public displays could enable viewers to wander through the community and meet new people by chance. Our study suggests that our system not only provided a new method for people to interact with the community but also received positive user feedback.

Keywords: Public display, HCI, Multimedia artwork


  • Chanllenges
  • Solution


  • Interaction Design

  • System Prototype


  • Attracting State

The challenge in this state is how to simulate people’s curiosity and guide them to use their body to control the content through approaching.



  • Interacting State

In this state,the playfulness of the interface encourage users to pay attention to the content also exploring more complex functionality. However, users cannot closely approach the screen and can interact with the display only from a distance.



  • Wormhole State

Smiles can elicit cooperation among strangers in a one-shot interaction.
People incline to mimic counterpart’s similes in social interaction.
And Hitomi & Jun conducted the Happiness Counter system which proved had positive effects on user’s mood and prompted communication among family members.

To be continued……