Designing Programming Thinking


SKILLS:Concept Development,User Experience

Mobile APP                                                                                                                                                           2014

Operation System: IOS
Dimension: 640x960px
Target Users: young people

P-collage is a powerful album management app for iPhone. As smartphones with HD camera become increasingly popular, now people are accustomed to storing photos on their mobile devices, and a few touches on the screen would help them recall precious memories. However, while iOS has basic photo management function built into its album, these photos are often out of order due to huge number of images and lack of arrangements. P-collage does everything better in this regard and saves time and efforts. Its mission is to turn the photos into stories. The interface is extremely minimalistic, helping users easily find different features. Besides, All operations can be done with gestures. The app would ask for access to photo albums after launching, and all photos would be automatically synced once access is allowed. The app then offers a selection of features including timeline album, magazine album and e-album, ushering users into a nostalgic world of memories.










To be continued……